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About Us

Academy Direct is a fast growing education consultancy and student support service based in the UK.

We help students to secure places at universities across the UK which are consistently ranked as being some of the best in the world! We also offer additional help to students for writing their dissertations or thesis through proof-reading, offering advice and more!

We have expert university professors at hand who are trained and fully qualified to offer their expert advice.

Our company is tailored to our vision of helping students to excel and get opportunities in life that they overwise might not! We are dedicated and passionate about our students needs!

Our Guiding principles and goals

Offering the most comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge available to us to students

Offering excellent customer service and care to ensure that our customers get the best service possible

Valuing our customer feedback to improve our services

Creating opportunities to help our clients excel in life

Becoming a global brand and helping to improve the lives of thousands of people across the globe

Creating meaningful and lasting relationships with our clients over the years

Our Services

Offering support and advice to students wishing to apply to UK universities

Walking students through the process of getting student visas

Helping students to complete their university applications

Helping students find student accommodation in the UK

Helping students find the universities most suited to their qualifications and needs

Carrying out eligibility checks on student credentials

Offering consulting to students to maximise the chances of securing a place at their desired university or course

Academic Paper writing

Proof reading of an essay / dissertation or thesis

Editing of an essay / dissertation of thesis

Offering consulting on how to write a paper / thesis ordissertation

Offering personal statement or CV consulting

Offering personal statement or CV writing / editing

Offering personal statement or CV proof reading

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